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题目 1375:


时间限制: 2s 内存限制: 192MB 提交: 160 解决: 13


Little A has became fascinated with the game Dota recently, but he is not a good player. In all the modes, the rdsp Mode is popular on online, in this mode, little A always loses games if he gets strange heroes, because, the heroes are distributed randomly.
Little A wants to win the game, so he cracks the code of the rdsp mode with his talent on programming. The following description is about the rdsp mode:
There are N heroes in the game, and they all have a unique number between 1 and N. At the beginning of game, all heroes will be sorted by the number in ascending order. So, all heroes form a sequence One.

These heroes will be operated by the following stages M times:
1.Get out the heroes in odd position of sequence One to form a new sequence Two;
2.Let the remaining heroes in even position to form a new sequence Three;
3.Add the sequence Two to the back of sequence Three to form a new sequence One.
After M times' operation, the X heroes in the front of new sequence One will be chosen to be Little A's heroes. The problem for you is to tell little A the numbers of his heroes.


There are several test cases.
Each case contains three integers N (1<=N<1,000,000), M (1<=M<100,000,000), X(1<=X<=20).
Proceed to the end of file.


For each test case, output X integers indicate the number of heroes. There is a space between two numbers. The output of one test case occupied exactly one line.


5 1 2
5 2 2


2 4
4 3


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